Monday, July 20, 2009

Progress Update

Throughout last week, Mirna continues to use the system and continues to make progress. Gabriella continues to adjust the settings (gain, damping, etc) in order to find the best values for Mirna's comfort and ease of use. As mentioned on the last post, we detected some potential issues and have contacted Dr. Gips at Boston College for assistance to which he has already contacted us back with suggestions. We will try these suggestions this afternoon as we will try to perform the last set of tests and adjustments before we head back to the states.

My brother Carlos, my friend Julio and others will continue to provide assistance to both Gabriella, her mom and Mirna in order to continue with the training sessions for the following weeks.

The Staggered Speech has been updated (David Karim) for customization and we will work with Gabriella to enter the most commonly used phrases for Mirna's ease of communicating. With the additions, she will be able to type phrases and even sentences with less number of "clicks". AT&Ts text to voice implementation continues to work perfectly and will provide a way for Mirna to "speak out" what she has typed. This will allow Gabriella and her mom to "take a break" and allow Mirna to call for their attention when needed. We have shared this modified version of the program with Boston College so that others can also benefit from the phrase input implementation.

Many friends of Mirna that have learned about this endeavor have requested that we continue to thank each and everybody that has contributed in any way to this cause. They understand the value of being able to provide Mirna a new way of communicating with others and everything that you have done to allow for this to happen and for this, they send their thanks and ask the Lord for his blessings to you all.

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  1. Hi Mirna! I wish a Happy New Year to you and to all of those who care for you with constant love and dedication! May God blesse you everysingle day of your life. xox Julia Saddi - from Brazil